Why Choose Us

A Knowledgeable local to guide you

Our trip lead is a local and well versed with the place, native language, culture and history.

Our tours are safe

Your safety is of utmost concern to us. You will be taken care in crowded places, hawkers’ horde, free seekers and long queues. We guide you about the local etiquette in places like markets or places of worship.

No minimum Number

There is no minimum number to run the tours. Tours are conducted for even solo travelers.

Wear the local hat

You get to meet local families, understand their culture, lifestyle and culinary habits. We ensure you get to meet trusted, verified vendors.

Safe for women travelers too

Our tours are women friendly, suitable for larger women groups and solo women travelers alike. All our tours are led by a female trip lead.

Value for money

We are not just competitively priced but we also ensure you get maximum value for the time and money you spend with us.

Well researched and customized itinerary

All our tours run on flexible, well-researched itinerary, customised only for you after understanding your preferences, time and interests. There’s always a plan B for back up in all scenarios.


Meet me, a local Bangalorean who’s born, brought up, schooled and even married here. With a very high probability of even spending my retirement life too here.

Having the advantage of seeing Bangalore grow to today’s Bengaluru, l have seen it all! Be it Dr.Raj Kumar era or the Whitefield rising or those engineering colleges that sprung like mushrooms overnight or the doors with “naale baa”.

This was the same city where there was no need of fans in summer forget mandatory air-conditioners now, I’ve cycled on those bylanes which are now congested roads with traffic. I have loved Bangalore rains so much that I waited for them to get those paper boats to set sail in the muddy puddles.

The city has lot of offer to international travelers, expats, business executives, luxury vacationers, backpackers, students or to IT professionals…. than just traffic jams, bumpy roads, abundant rains, malls, pubs and dramatic politics.

So, strap your shoes, get those selfie sticks, leave those headphones back, gear up as we drive around the city for its untold history, untapped mysteries and hidden treasures.

There are temples established in the time when lord Rama was a mortal on this earth, there are rocks of million years old, there’s fossil standing all alone watching the city move by, there’s downtown that once had illustrious poets and celebrities residing in its heart, there are restaurants which have unwavering commitment with its next gen buyers to not just maintain their recipe but also their employees, who were more than family to them.

A tour is not only about ticking off the guide book. It’s also about exploring places that’s not in those books. That’s where a local explorer like me takes you to all those fabulous places which narrates stories in it’s walls, in it’s food, in it’s Sanctum, in it’s rocks and in it’s local life.

Now that India is on your itinerary, discover Bangalore with me to an off-beat journey of stories, food and austerity.